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VeruTech AB / DiLab
Galjevångsvägen 22
224 65 Lund Sweden

In-vivo Sampling and Infusion Consumables

In addition to our instruments for Automated Blood Sampling, we also offer all the necessary accessories, consumables and replacement parts for your Automated Blood Sampling and Infusion studies as well as material for manual sampling.

VeruTech AB is also an authorized distributor for all Instech Labs products such as Vascular Access Harnesses and Vascular Access Buttons, Liquid Swivels, Balance arms, Tethers, PinPorts and Catheters.

DiLab® Lab Consumables

To provide the best possible service for our customers world-wide, we have distributors for our AccuSampler® consumables in China, Korea and Russia.
Information on how to contact these companies is provided here.

Please note that all service and support as well as sales of AccuSampler® ABS instruments in Europe and U.S. goes through the VeruTech AB main office.

Download our article list here or request price info or a quotation here.